Plot: “Another Nightmare”




Henry: “Ah, another nightmare…could be..that strange stone?

Henry wakes up with the idea that the channeling stone is the object that makes him having nightmares, but, at the same time he feels that something worst can happen if he gets rid of that object, What should he do now?



Video: Silent Hill 4 UFO Adventures Plot

The cutscene can has minor changes in the final version but the plot is the following:

*Henry´s life seems back to the normally after beating Walter and his mother, however, before that Walter´s body was taken out of apartment 302, Henry takes something that Walter has with himself, since that moment Henry´s life gets complicated one more time, because the object that Henry had with himself was the Channeling Stone, since that moment, Henry begins to have strange nightmares, he was feeling that the channeling stone was trying to tell him something….*

until one day, after having a nightmare, Henry wakes up knowing what to do to this situation,  but, Henry will be prepared to know the truth?  the biggest adventure of his life is coming!